Hi, I am InnGook Cho, graphic designer, software developer based in Seoul, Korea.
After few years of experience at startup companies, I decided to be a freelance designer + developer.
You can find out what I do, what do I like here.

InnGook Cho
Based in
Seoul, Korea
+82 10 2034 7463
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About Me

Hi, I am InnGook Cho, a graphic designer based in Seoul, Korea. I have eight years of experience as a designer, and four years as a software developer.

I started my career as a layout designer at a magazine company. As things changes, I decided to move on to new media and now I design User Interface and Experiences. I also was interested in how design is implemented to code, so I learned web software development. I have eight years of design experiences, and four years as a software developer.

Other than my career, I have a passion for the restaurant & bar industry, and hospitality. There will be some technical pieces of stuff on my blog, but there will be lots of reviews and thoughts about my interests. It will be very nice to find clients in that field as well.

Last but least, thank you for visiting my website. I built this website from scratch and proudly managing with WordPress. Feel free to contact me on any occasion. I would be happy to grab a beer or so 🙂

Skills & Tools

Design Tools
  • Adobe CC(Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Adobe XD
  • Sketch & Zeplin
Developing Languages
  • HTML/CSS, Javascript
  • Vue.js, React
  • Git